Effective climate control of the storage environment for pharma

Posted by Paul Langford on 06/12/11 12:15

The pharmaceutical industry operates in a pharma industry adiabatic coolinghighly competitive environment, and one where research and development take a long time and require extremely high investments. In addition, because of the nature of their products, manufacturers have to meet stringent regulations that ensure the safety and quality of the pharmaceuticals they produce. It is crucial that they maximise the cost efficiency of all processes, from production to storage and logistics.

The control of the internal environment plays a key role in the storage of pharmaceuticals, since internal conditions affect their stability. Temperature in warehouses storing medicines must be maintained within a set range, so that, when necessary, action can be taken to avoid it rising to excessive levels.

Mean Kinetic Temperature: a valuable tool

Mean Kinetic Temperature is a valuable tool to assess the effect of temperature variations on the shelf life of the stored pharmaceuticals. It is a fixed, calculated temperature that simulates the effect of temperature variations over a certain time frame and indicates the cumulative thermal stress for a product kept at varying temperatures during storage and distribution.  

Once the Mean Kinetic Temperature is calculated, it is possible to determine the most cost effective climate control system needed to achieve the desired conditions, whether this be simple heating and ventilation, evaporative cooling or full air conditioning.

Download our whitepaper, Achieving good internal conditions in the pharmaceutical industry: protection of stock, if you want to know how the Mean Kinetic Temperature is calculated and how it can be used to determine the most effective climate control system though a practical example.

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