Why ventilation system designs for power plants should be guaranteed

Posted by Graeme Clark on 05/04/12 14:38

Guaranteed resultsFor power generation plants to work efficiently, temperatures within the building must be maintained below a maximum level above which the operation of the process equipment will be affected.

The technology provider defines these maximum internal temperatures and also provides a design maximum external ambient temperature and relative humidity. This data is critical for the design of the ventilation system to ensure that the plant works efficiently.

The technology provider, who is responsible for providing the right conditions for the process equipment to run efficiently, should expect the designer of the ventilation system to guarantee that the design put forward and the installed system meet the internal temperature requirements in all external conditions up to and including the design maximum external conditions. To do so, the designer of the ventilation system needs to be positive that it will.

This is a case where Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) can make a big difference by providing extremely reliable predictions about the plant’s internal environment. Used by an experienced technician, CFD is an excellent tool to prove the design, giving peace of mind to both the technology provider and the ventilation system designer.

Graeme Clark Graeme Clark is a Senior Consultant for Colt UK and specialises in the design and product application of energy efficient HVAC and smoke control systems.

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Topics: CFD, Industrial ventilation, Power Plants