How to boost your ventilation system’s cooling capacity

Posted by Paul Langford on 30/11/12 09:47

Turbo boost your ventilationAs a factory manager you may find that in spite of having done everything to keep your mechanical ventilation system in perfect condition, the temperature in your plant or in parts of it is getting higher. Over the years, the use of your factory building may have changed: for example, with the introduction of lean manufacturing practices, there may be a higher density of production machinery with consequent higher heat load in some areas of your facility, so that the system as it was originally designed and installed is not as effective as it used to be.

In most cases, you won’t need to replace your existing system with a more powerful one. There is an easy and cost effective solution: you can boost your ventilation system’s cooling capacity with evaporative cooling. These units are light and can be installed on any factory roof and have minimal running costs, as they rely on the cooling power of water and use little or no electricity. Correctly designed, this solution has the added benefit of increasing your existing system’s cooling performance exactly where it is needed, that is in the specific areas of the building where the heat load is higher.

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