The importance of specifying the right weather louvres

Posted by Paul Compton on 25/06/13 13:57

Weather louvre

Specifying weather louvres is a complex business. In an earlier blog we explained how the key considerations to make fall into three areas: aerodynamic performance (pressure loss through the louvre panel), resistance to rain entry, and exposure and wind loads. We also published a white paper, available for download here , where we explain the EN13030 test standard and its limitations and set out the critical points to cover when writing an effective specification.

If you have ever written a louvre specification, you know how large a number of variables you have to deal with in order to select the right louvre for your design. Over the years we have helped many customers with their selection. This has led us to create a new tool to assist with selecting the appropriate louvre system, based on what level of weather protection and aerodynamic performance is really needed.  If you know the area of louvre or the airflow, the program provides the pressure drop. If you know the flow rate and the maximum pressure drop, it tells you the minimum size of louvre. It’s a simple tool that can considerably reduce the complexity of selecting the louvre that will give you the performance you need for your design.
Start using the Colt UL louvre selection program.

Download our white paper, How to specify the right weather louvres, if you want advice on how to write a good specification for weather louvres.

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