What is evaporative cooling? Read our White Paper to learn the facts

Posted by Laurence Cockman on 12/11/13 11:30

colt evaporative cooling

The benefits of evaporative cooling in warehouses and industrial buildings are many: it is a highly energy efficient technology, that uses no refrigerants, provides a pleasant indoor climate, is simple and easy to maintain and, last but not least, running costs are four to seven times lower than traditional air conditioning solutions – and they are even lower in data centres.

So why isn’t it more widely used in the UK? Common misconceptions about its effectiveness in our wet and cool weather are stopping contractors, facility managers and factory owners from considering this exceptionally effective and cost efficient technology.

If you are unhappy with the energy consumption or effectiveness of your cooling system, designing a new facility, or planning to replace an existing system, don’t miss out on this opportunity to slash your energy consumption and running costs: download our white paper and learn the true facts about evaporative cooling!

Webinar - January 17th

Join me on our CPD accredited webinar on evaporative cooling in data centres, which I will be holding on 17 January.

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