Controlling temperatures in food production

Posted by Paul Langford on 19/07/16 12:00

climate_control_in_bakeries.jpgVarious food and beverage sectors have different climate control requirements, depending on the processes being carried out. However, they all share an overriding concern for overheating and hygiene in order to protect their goods and ensure quality.

As an example, let’s consider bakeries.

Bakeries value the importance of climate control, as bread is very sensitive to changing temperatures in many stages of the preparation process. During the warmer months, it is often difficult to guarantee the quality of the dough inside the bakery as rising temperatures will make the dough dry-out quickly.

After the dough has been proved and baked in the oven, the bread will need to be cooled. Again, during the warmer months this cooling process often takes longer because of the high ambient temperature. This longer cooling period will ultimately lead to production losses.

Hygiene is also vital in food production to maintain quality and safety for consumers, so this must also be addressed when ventilating the bakery.

The issue then, is to manage the inside climate of the bakery to prevent any issues to production caused by overheating and poor air quality.

Solving the problem with evaporative cooling

Using evaporative cooling, food producers can reduce temperatures in a natural and hygienic way. These systems are very effective in keeping temperatures down and creating a comfortable and safe environment with good air quality. They are highly energy efficient, easy to clean and extremely reliable – highly cost-effective in installation, operation and maintenance.

This solution is ideal for many food and beverage sectors and indeed many types of production, including packaging, plastics and automotive.

Factory Survey

To find out how a climate control system could help improve your working conditions, a survey of your factory is needed to assess your current situation. At Colt, our engineers have been working with building owners and operators solving their problems related to the indoor environment and helping improve their business for over 30 years.  

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