Does your business comply with ESOS? Don’t leave it too late!

Posted by Paul Langford on 25/09/15 09:00

Are you a UK business with more than 250 employees? Does your business generate at least £40 million in annual turnover and have a balance sheet of more than £34 million? If the answer is yes to either question, you are required to complete an energy efficiency audit by 5 December to comply with the government’s Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS). Should you fail to comply, you risk a fine of up to £50,000.

What the ESOS audit covers

It looks at energy use and energy efficiency in your business’s buildings, industrial processes and transport. A sampling approach that draws a reliable picture of the company’s overall energy performance is acceptable, so you may not need to audit all your sites.

ESOS: an opportunity to save

In spite of the looming deadline, only 120 of the estimated 10,000-plus businesses affected have completed the mandatory audit. This means that most UK businesses have failed to see ESOS as an opportunity to save on their energy bills, not only risking a hefty fine, but also missing out on identifying opportunities for savings in operating costs. An audit of your business’s energy performance would provide an excellent opportunity to identify areas of improvement.

If your business qualifies for the ESOS energy audit and you haven’t completed yours, don’t delay – if you get caught up in a last-minute rush, you may have difficulties finding an available approved Energy Auditor!

A survey can help

Following your ESOS audit, if you decide to investigate ways to reduce your factory’s energy costs, we can help you by carrying out a free professional factory survey to identify opportunities for increasing energy efficiency.

A survey of your building and assessment of the existing factory ventilation system is the starting point to allow us to establish what improvements are necessary and what opportunities there may be to improve working conditions and to reduce your energy bills.

To request your own free building survey, please fill in our request form.

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