Designing car park ventilation systems

Enclosed or underground car parks normally require ventilation systems to assist firefighting operations. These systems generally also prevent the build-up of carbon monoxide during normal day to day use of the car park.

This whitepaper covers:

  • An explanation of the basic legislative requirements and how these are achieved using impulse ventilation
  • Application of impulse ventilation, both for carbon monoxide and for smoke clearance or smoke control
  • The advantages of impulse ventilation over traditional ducted extractsystems
  • Use of CFD
  • How impulse ventilation can beused to control smoke movement, allowing smoke control to be used, as part of a fire strategy, to compensate for the relaxation of other legislative requirements, e.g. travel distances
  • A case history of a particular project where travel distances were relaxed using impulse ventilation designed for smoke control. An explanation of how this project was validated using CFD and live fire tests
  • Control systems.

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