Ventilation solutions for overheated corridors in multi-storey residential buildings

The quest for energy efficiency has led to very good sealing and insulation in residential buildings and an
increase in district heating schemes.

This has unintended consequences for stair lobbies, corridors and entrance halls, which tend to overheat,
resulting in unpleasant conditions for residents and possible issues maintaining cold water supply

One solution may be to make use of the equipment specified to provide smoke control of the common
areas. In this way it is possible to provide a simple and effective cross flow ventilation system to extract
warm, stale air from these spaces and their ceiling voids.

This can be enhanced by adding active cooling to the ventilation air.

This whitepaper covers:

  • Why the need for new approaches to ventilation has arisen
  • General design considerations
  • Making use of smoke control systems to provide day to day ventilation to reduce temperatures in corridors in residential buildings
  • Using active cooling.

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