Granger Hertzog’s brief to Colt was to ensure the comfort of the staff all year round

Posted by Paul Langford on 06/12/19 11:00

Granger HertzogIf you saw the film Rocketman, about Elton John, or watched the television adaptation of His Dark Materials, you will have seen furniture and props from specialist hire company Granger Hertzog. The company operates from a combined office, warehouse and showroom in Park Royal, London, all accommodated within a light industrial shed that is one of a number on an estate.

There are several floors to the building, and a central staircase.

Granger Hertzog’s brief to Colt was to ensure the comfort of the staff all year round, and also of customers visiting the showroom areas. This is a vital part of the service that the company offers, as it encourages its customers to browse the objects that are there and make unexpected discoveries.

It was therefore important that heating, ventilation and cooling all functioned well. This is as important for the well-being and productivity of staff as for the comfort of visitors. A study carried out by researchers at Oxford Brookes University and LCMB Building Performance found that productivity can increase by as much as 60 per cent if levels of carbon dioxide are kept low. This is achieved by good ventilation, preventing the dreaded feeling of stuffiness.

Granger Hertzog-controlsColt’s solution was to provide a hybrid ventilation system that uses evaporative cooling with natural air exhaust ventilators. This was a good fit to the form of the building which was not suited to conventional air conditioning because of its large volume. The solution made it possible to provide a level of comfort not normally expected in this industrial type of building, but which was wanted here because of the office and the showroom, and the particular requirements of the customers.

The hybrid solution is ideal for a building like this because it combines the benefits of natural ventilation with those of mechanical ventilation. Natural ventilation of course costs nothing, is silent and has the psychological benefit of connecting people in the building to outside, and giving them a sense of control over their workplace. The mechanical ventilation provides the additional comfort needed. Because the system uses noise attenuation and low-noise fans it’s quiet. The ductwork is fabric, coloured to match the ceiling, so it is unobtrusive.

Overall, this is a considerably lower cost solution than conventional air conditioning, and Colt won the project against competitors because it offered the most affordable solution. There are no refrigerant gases, so the environmental impact is lower, as are the running costs and maintenance costs compared to air conditioning.

The mechanical ventilation uses Colt’s unique Aerox natural exhaust vents. The louvres take any one of three positions, allowing them to work in all weather conditions.

The evaporative coolers come from the CoolStream STAR range. Here they are a combination of the R, S and A models. The R models have integrated gas-fired heating, and both the R and the A units can recycle warm air to improve thermal comfort and reduce the running costs of heating.

The coolers have been designed to be controlled by the Colt Cortiva smart control system, which is easy to use and can run from a tablet, a PC or a smartphone. This is a simple solution for the client, and does not require any special training.

Colt can also offer remote assistance via a virtual private network. This allows us to diagnose any problems and to tweak the system remotely if necessary.

This installation has given Granger Hertzog the reassurance that its staff and visitors will be comfortable all year round, thanks to a climate-control system that is hassle-free, economical, quiet and environmentally friendly.

Topics: Natural ventilation, Climate Control