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Posted by Ginny Williamson on 31/08/21 10:00

Industrial fume extract solutionsColt was recently commissioned to work on a project at a car parts manufacturing plant that required some creative thinking when it came to fume extract.

This particular facility had large galvanizing tanks used as part of the manufacturing process. The existing extract fans which were located directly above the tanks had been out of service for some time. Their location meant it was extremely difficult to access for maintenance, and repairs. Repairing the existing fans would require extensive scaffolding equipment to be set up and many days of production lost which was impractical and not cost effective.


After a site survey was carried out, it was decided the best approach would be to design a new system where the equipment was located in a more accessible location to allow service and maintenance to be carried out whilst the facility remained running.

There were a number of design challenges for the team to overcome on this project and it was definitely one where Colt’s considerable experience and expertise proved essential.

A few of the biggest issues included:

  • Positioning the fans in an area that would still manage to extract the fumes coming from the galvanizing tanks effectively without making maintenance and repair difficult.
  • Designing a system that was just as effective at fume clearance as it was at fume extract. It was essential to have an extract system in place that wouldn’t allow the fumes to escape the immediate area and seep into other parts of the factory where staff were working.
  • Ensuring the new general ventilation system didn’t interfere with the effectiveness of the localised extract ventilation which removed the most heavily contaminated fumes at source.

The Colt Solution:

To deliver the best solution for the client, the final system installed consisted of a galvanised ducted extract system incorporating 3 extract grilles, a single high-capacity variable speed extract fan and a roof cowl for exhaust to ensure adequate fume extract and clearance. The system was controlled by a manual controller with speed adjustment dial and separate on/off switch for easy management.

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