Smoke and environmental ventilation in high-rise buildings: useful design resources

Posted by Paul Compton on 28/07/15 11:30

FRM_tall_buildings_articleSmoke is the biggest killer in a fire, and an effective smoke control system is critical to preserving life and property. On the other hand, the pursuit of energy efficiency has led to increasingly airtight buildings, which poses new challenges in preventing overheating in common areas.

It is possible to address both smoke and environmental ventilation with one solution: for example mechanical shaft systems have seen great developments in recent years and are now capable of providing a highly effective performance while taking up less space than other types of shaft system.

The complexity of product and design standards relating to smoke and heat control systems, which are in constant evolution in response to regulations and experience in the field, may seem daunting, but help is at hand!

Article: Selecting the most suitable smoke control system for high-rise residential buildings

You can find an overview of the current standards and available guidance in the field of smoke control, as well as an outlook on forthcoming developments in an article I wrote for Fire Risk Management magazine this month,  which you can view here.


View the recording of our recent webinar on “Smoke and environmental ventilation of multi-storey buildings using shafts” where I discuss the prevailing legislation and guidelines for a variety of building types.


Download our whitepaper on this topic, which looks at the various types and applications of shafts.

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