Summer's here - are your staff ready?

Posted by Paul Langford on 23/08/16 12:00

hot_factory_worker.jpgWith the arrival of summer, most of us will be looking forward to being outside in the sun, but will your staff feel the same about being inside when your building overheats?

When external temperatures rise during the summer months, heat is one of the biggest causes of complaint within the work place. Higher temperatures, humidity, noise and clothing can all have an effect on the wellbeing of your employees.

Staff issues experienced within the workplace can be:  

  • Illness
  • Absenteeism
  • Accidents
  • low productivity

In some cases, employees exposed to higher internal temperatures can suffer from dizziness, fainting, or even heat cramps. In extreme hot conditions, there is a risk of heat stroke or collapse.

How to solve these issues

Some measures you might want to consider to create a comfortable and safe environment for staff could be introducing a ventilation system into the building, as this can be an effective way of controlling temperatures inside the workplace as well as providing good air quality.

Evaporative Cooling

Evaporative cooling systems are very effective in keeping temperatures down, and are highly energy efficient and extremely reliable. Evaporative Coolers are up to seven times more efficient than conventional air conditioning systems and in fact the warmer the outside air, the more efficient the evaporative cooling process is.

Bringing fresh air into the building with a climate control system can create the perfect solution and Colt can assist you with this. Why not talk to us about your project and see how you can work better in Colt Conditions!

Building Survey

To find out how a climate control system could prevent your employees from suffering this summer, a survey of your building is best. At Colt, our engineers have been working with building owners and operators solving their problems related to the indoor environment and helping improve their business for over 30 years.  

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