The RRO and fire safety demystified: the responsibilities of the ‘responsible person’ explained

Posted by Conor Logan on 17/03/15 11:30

ColtServiceThe Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (“RRO”) covers fire safety for workplaces and replaced most of the pre-existing legislation. It sets out the role of the ‘responsible person’ tasked with ensuring the safety of occupants.

The RRO places on that person a duty to keep an up to date risk assessment for fire safety and to ensure that all systems required as part of that risk assessment are regularly tested, maintained and kept in good working order. This role entrusts them to identify, manage and reduce the risk of fire.

Whitepaper - Maintaining smoke control systems and the RRO

The provisions of the RRO are not always understood; they are open to interpretation and guidance can be difficult to find.  In order to help owners and occupiers to get a clear understanding of the RRO provisions relating to smoke control systems, we have prepared a whitepaper, which summarises the main provisions of the RRO that relate to smoke control systems, written with the ‘responsible person’ in mind.

Conor Logan Conor Logan is a Technical Manager of Colt UK, Smoke and Climate Control Division. Conor designs innovative smoke control and HVAC systems and is also Chairman of the Smoke Control Association.

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