Colt Whitepapers provide comprehensive information on many industry topics. Aiming to inform and educate you, these documents, written by our team of technical experts, are an ideal introduction into some interesting and hotly debated subjects.

Commissioning and maintaining smoke control systems
This whitepaper introduces the legislation and standards relating to the commissioning and maintenance of smoke control systems. It then moves on to look at commissioning and then finally at servicing and maintenance of such systems. 

Smoke and environmental ventilation of multi-storey buildings using shafts
This whitepaper looks at the various types and applications of shafts.

Designing car park ventilation systems
This whitepaper explains the basic legislative requirements needed for a car park and how these are achieved with impulse ventilation, with reference to CFD analysis and case studies.

Which is best for protecting escape routes: a smoke shaft system or a pressurisation system?
This whitepaper discusses the features and benefits of each system, the legislation, common issues, and how to choose the best option for your project.

Maintaining smoke control systems and the RRO
This whitepaper summarizes those provisions of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005: SSI No. 1541 (“RRO”) that relate to smoke control systems.

Design considerations when integrating smoke and fire curtains into a building
This whitepaper explains the differences between smoke and fire curtains, the standards which they comply with, and how to install, test and maintain them.

Ventilation solutions for overheated corridors in multi-storey residential buildings
This whitepaper discusses why the need for new ventilation approaches has arisen and how to make use of an existing smoke control system for day to day ventilation.

The facts about evaporative cooling
This whitepaper describes the way evaporative cooling works, and discusses its energy saving potential. 

Heated debate - The interaction between sprinklers and smoke ventilators
This whitepaper discusses the interaction between sprinklers and smoke ventilators and the controversy that surrounds their joint application.

ETFE rooflights - not an alternative to smoke control!
This whitepaper explains in detail why using ETFE rooflights instead of a smoke control system is not as simple as is seems.

Cable selection for smoke control
This whitepaper explains why cabling is a critical part of any smoke control system and addresses the complex standards and legislation which govern them.

Fire curtains and PAS 121
This whitepaper covers PAS 121 in detail. Please note that PAS 121 has not been superceded but the whitepaper may still be of interest.

How to specify the right weather louvres
This whitepaper discusses what to consider when specifying weather louvres.

A productive environment for production personnel
This whitepaper explains how to use the ISO 7730 standard to help create a comfortable working environment.