How to reduce energy use in your factory this winter

Posted by Paul Langford on 15/11/16 13:30

With winter approaching, rising energy costs and environmental concerns put factory managers under constant pressure to optimise their facility’s energy performance. This doesn’t need to be a daunting task, so here are some ways to reduce energy costs this winter. 

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Topics: Factory Survey, Energy saving, sustainability, Heating, Air Leakage

Heating a boiler room when temperatures drop below zero

Posted by Graeme Clark on 12/06/12 11:34

Boiler rooms need to be ventilated even when the outside temperature drops below zero, which means bringing in freezing air. These are typically unmanned areas, so it is acceptable for them to be colder than usual. However, very low temperatures could cause issues to the process equipment, such as freezing pipes or condensation.

What is the best way of ensuring the internal temperature at low level doesn’t drop too low? There are different options, depending on the building.

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Topics: Climate Control, Power Plants, Heating

Look to the sky for energy, to the ground for storage

Posted by Paul Compton on 06/10/11 09:17

Conventional air conditioning systems are big fossil fuel consumers, but today there are alternatives that can deliver big savings in fuel consumption and running costs. Energy can be found in water, in the air and in the ground, and with the right technologies it can be harnessed to heat and cool buildings.

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Topics: Energy saving, Climate Control, Heat pumps, Heating