How to optimise staff comfort and productivity.

Posted by Paul Langford on 16/04/19 08:55

Are your climate control systems really still fit for purpose when it comes to enhancing comfort and production levels in the hot summer months?

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What is the best cooling solution for your business?

Posted by Paul Langford on 07/03/19 10:22

Evaporative cooling or ‘adiabatic cooling’ is a mouthful, we know. That’s why a lot of building owners and operators still don’t know about the effectiveness of these systems and the cost and environmental benefits they can deliver.

Many people don’t realise that if you manage a large industrial or semi-industrial facility where pinpoint control of temperature isn’t crucial, evaporative cooling can actually be a more effective choice than traditional air conditioning. Plus, have a look at the pros and cons associated with the different system types below – not only is evaporative cooling cheaper and more efficient, it introduces fresh air from outside avoiding poor health issues often associated with traditional systems.

Read on to find out what evaporative cooling is and why it could be better for your business than a traditional air conditioning system.

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How to design in energy-efficient ventilation systems webinar

Posted by Paul Compton on 09/09/14 11:30

M&E consultants, facilities managers and building occupiers all want buildings that consume less and less energy and cost as little as possible to run. Set against this is the need to maintain a healthy internal environment which has adequate ventilation. How do we reconcile the opposite requirements of air tightness for energy efficiency and ventilation for air quality? How do we minimise installation and operational costs in our designs?

Join me, from 12.30-13.30 BST on Friday 19 September 2014, as I present a free webinar on how to design in energy-efficient ventilation systems in new and existing buildings. 

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Using evaporative cooling to prevent overheating in corridors.

Posted by Paul Compton on 08/07/14 11:30

In previous articles we wrote about how you can solve overheating in residential buildings’ common areas by using the smoke control system to provide simple and effective cross flow ventilation and extract warm, stale air from these spaces. However, there are cases when this won’t be enough and the system will need some help to lower the temperatures to the desired level.
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Q&A from our ventilation solutions for overheating corridors webinar

Posted by Laurence Cockman on 15/04/14 11:30

At my recent "Ventilation solutions for overheating corridors in apartment buildings" webinar, I received some interesting questions in the Q&A session. Here are my answers, which have been edited slightly for clarity.

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What to do when you have a condensation problem

Posted by Paul Langford on 08/04/14 11:30

Condensation forms when humidity is so high that the air is saturated and can’t take on any more moisture. The solution to the problem is not complicated, but you need to be sure you are measuring the right variables to identify the best method to resolve it.

When does condensation become a problem?

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Airtight buildings: environment vs. health

Posted by Laurence Cockman on 18/03/14 11:30

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Why coffee roasting houses need both cooling and ventilation

Posted by Paul Langford on 04/02/14 11:30

Who doesn’t love the smell of freshly roasted coffee? But there can be too much of a good thing, and coffee roasting facilities have more to worry about than an excess of fragrance: they have to cope with the high levels of heat generated, which becomes even more of an issue during the summer months, as well as the build-up of carbon monoxide concentrations in the 72 hours following the roasting process. Efficient ventilation to extract the excess heat and carbon monoxide is essential.

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Dual ventilation in residential common corridors: an interesting solution

Posted by Paul Compton on 26/11/13 11:30

Overheating in common corridors in residential buildings has become an increasingly vexing problem, which can be addressed by using a two-shaft smoke control system for day-to-day ventilation. One of the major issues is how many floors we can ventilate concurrently while still achieving a reasonable air flow balance between floors.

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