Reduce your energy bills this summer with a hybrid ventilation system.

Posted by Paul Langford on 17/05/19 15:11

Ensuring high productivity and staff comfort and safety shouldn’t have to cost you the earth. Why then, is it always difficult to keep energy bills at acceptable levels when temperatures soar in the summer?

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What is the best cooling solution for your business?

Posted by Paul Langford on 07/03/19 10:22

Evaporative cooling or ‘adiabatic cooling’ is a mouthful, we know. That’s why a lot of building owners and operators still don’t know about the effectiveness of these systems and the cost and environmental benefits they can deliver.

Many people don’t realise that if you manage a large industrial or semi-industrial facility where pinpoint control of temperature isn’t crucial, evaporative cooling can actually be a more effective choice than traditional air conditioning. Plus, have a look at the pros and cons associated with the different system types below – not only is evaporative cooling cheaper and more efficient, it introduces fresh air from outside avoiding poor health issues often associated with traditional systems.

Read on to find out what evaporative cooling is and why it could be better for your business than a traditional air conditioning system.

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The benefits of natural light and how to achieve it in your factory

Posted by Paul Langford on 31/01/17 13:00

Studies have shown that exposure to natural light can dramatically increase mental alertness, productivity and psychological well-being.  

In addition, optimising the use of daylight can lead to significant energy savings. These are all compelling reasons to incorporate good day lighting in the design of your factory, but how do you achieve this?

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How to reduce energy use in your factory this winter

Posted by Paul Langford on 15/11/16 13:30

With winter approaching, rising energy costs and environmental concerns put factory managers under constant pressure to optimise their facility’s energy performance. This doesn’t need to be a daunting task, so here are some ways to reduce energy costs this winter. 

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When is natural ventilation the right solution for power plants?

Posted by Paul Langford on 16/08/16 12:00

The quick answer is: in most cases. Power plants generate large amounts of internal heat and tend to be in tall buildings, which present ideal conditions for natural ventilation to work at its most efficient.

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Are you missing out on the savings that come with evaporative cooling?

Posted by Paul Langford on 23/02/16 12:00

Evaporative cooling is an exceptionally efficient and economical means of cooling industrial buildings, production facilities, warehouses and data centres. It is not a new technology, infact it is widely used around the world. So why isn’t it more widespread in the UK?

Common misconceptions about this excellent technology are stopping many facilities managers and factory owners from taking advantage of the considerable savings it can achieve for them. Let’s address these concerns and look at the main benefits of evaporative cooling.

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Does your business comply with ESOS? Don’t leave it too late!

Posted by Paul Langford on 25/09/15 09:00

Are you a UK business with more than 250 employees? Does your business generate at least £40 million in annual turnover and have a balance sheet of more than £34 million? If the answer is yes to either question, you are required to complete an energy efficiency audit by 5 December to comply with the government’s Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS). Should you fail to comply, you risk a fine of up to £50,000.

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A cooling system that generates energy: Yes it's possible!

Posted by Paul Compton on 21/04/15 11:30

Today’s blog article is a bit different from our usual contributions: we were recently involved in an unusual project with a client who thinks very much out of the box, which resulted in an ingenious solution that we thought could be interesting for you.

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Choosing a cooling solution for a factory: Total Cost of Ownership

Posted by Paul Langford on 24/03/15 11:30

When choosing a cooling solution for a factory, it is important not to focus only on the initial investment, but to consider all the elements that make up the total cost of ownership (TCO) of the system.

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Energy efficient car park ventilation schemes

Posted by Conor Logan on 07/10/14 11:30

Why is energy efficiency not regulated in car parks?

The regulations applying to car parks do not specifically advocate the conservation of energy but surely they should do. It does not make sense that buildings are subject to energy efficiency and low carbon emission targets driven by regulations such as Approved Document L (ADL), while car parks have no such requirement.
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How to design in energy-efficient ventilation systems webinar

Posted by Paul Compton on 09/09/14 11:30

M&E consultants, facilities managers and building occupiers all want buildings that consume less and less energy and cost as little as possible to run. Set against this is the need to maintain a healthy internal environment which has adequate ventilation. How do we reconcile the opposite requirements of air tightness for energy efficiency and ventilation for air quality? How do we minimise installation and operational costs in our designs?

Join me, from 12.30-13.30 BST on Friday 19 September 2014, as I present a free webinar on how to design in energy-efficient ventilation systems in new and existing buildings. 

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Why natural ventilation is best for power generation facilities.

Posted by Graeme Clark on 29/07/14 11:30

In my opinion, a natural ventilation system should always be the first choice for power plants, energy from waste, biomass, hydro stations, transformer stations and other similar buildings for 2 reasons:

1) The Environment 

The number and frequency of extreme weather events has been on the increase throughout the world. The climate is changing, of that there is no doubt, and the most popular theory is that this is due to the rise in CO2 emissions. 

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Reduce odour at plants producing biodiesel from food waste

Posted by Stefan van der Velden on 15/07/14 11:30

Simadan Holding, a company operating in the global raw material markets, has built a new state-of-the-art production complex in Amsterdam. Within the facility, its subsidiary Rotie operates a plant for the processing of fat and organic waste to produce biodiesel. Odour control is a major issue, as the factory is required to use the best technologies available to minimise the smell escaping the facility.

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Evaporative cooling for data centres

Posted by Laurence Cockman on 10/12/13 11:30

Data centres are thirsty for electricity, most of it used for maintaining temperature and humidity within the maximum and minimum levels that the servers need to operate properly. This also means that data centres tend to have a big carbon footprint. However, it need not be so: evaporative cooling provides a very cost effective and energy efficient solution to the problem. And, even though it is a water-based system, there are no health risks when it is designed correctly.

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What is evaporative cooling? Read our White Paper to learn the facts

Posted by Laurence Cockman on 12/11/13 11:30

The benefits of evaporative cooling in warehouses and industrial buildings are many: it is a highly energy efficient technology, that uses no refrigerants, provides a pleasant indoor climate, is simple and easy to maintain and, last but not least, running costs are four to seven times lower than traditional air conditioning solutions – and they are even lower in data centres.

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