Specifying the right cabling for your smoke control system can save lives

Posted by Paul Compton on 01/03/16 12:00

Most smoke control systems will only operate a few times in their life cycle, during commissioning, testing and maintenance. Only a very few will ever have to work in a fire, but when this happens, someone’s life could depend on its ability to operate at the limits of its capacity. It is for this circumstance that the system needs to be properly designed.

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Topics: Smoke Control, Wiring

Smoke and natural ventilation systems: why one sub-contractor is best

Posted by Graeme Clark on 02/12/14 11:30

Over the past couple of years it has become increasingly common for smoke and natural ventilation systems to be separated into different sub-contractor packages. For example, extract ventilators supplied by the roofing contractor, inlet vents by the glazing/cladding contractor, and wiring/controls by the M&E contractor.

In theory this makes sense because it may seem easier to procure the system in local packages. In practice it often doesn’t work.

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Topics: Natural ventilation, Smoke ventilation, Controls, Wiring