Sprinklers in residential buildings: don’t compromise on smoke ventilation!

Posted by Conor Logan on 20/01/15 11:30

There has been a trend towards fitting sprinklers in residential buildings, driven partly by the fact that this can enable the relaxation of other fire safety measures, including the extending of travel distances.

We are also aware of a couple of incidences where sprinklers have been used to justify omission of smoke control in residential corridors. We believe this to be a dangerous trend.

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How smoke control systems and sprinklers work together

Posted by Paul Compton on 10/07/13 11:23

In principle the fact that sprinklers are designed to control fire and smoke ventilators to control smoke would suggest that they are a perfect combination. However, for years there has been on going controversy regarding the interaction of sprinklers and smoke ventilators, suggesting that combining them could result in neither of them operating to its full potential. This white paper debunks this argument and explains why a combination of sprinklers and smoke ventilators should always be considered:

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