High air quality and hygiene with low energy consumption in the food industry? It can be done with ionisation!

Posted by Laurence Cockman on 05/05/15 11:30

A high level of hygiene is an absolute necessity in the food industry, so technologies that create the right conditions for clean food production are of the greatest importance. Air is the main carrier of mould, bacteria and odours, so the required level of hygiene is achieved by purifying the air.

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Topics: Ionisation

Reduce odour at plants producing biodiesel from food waste

Posted by Stefan van der Velden on 15/07/14 11:30

Simadan Holding, a company operating in the global raw material markets, has built a new state-of-the-art production complex in Amsterdam. Within the facility, its subsidiary Rotie operates a plant for the processing of fat and organic waste to produce biodiesel. Odour control is a major issue, as the factory is required to use the best technologies available to minimise the smell escaping the facility.

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Topics: Energy saving, Ionisation