Ventilation of atria - naturally!

Posted by Graeme Clark on 30/06/15 11:30

Ventilation is needed in atria for heat dissipation, to manage carbon dioxide and body odour levels, as well as for smoke clearance or smoke control. What better way to provide this than with a dual purpose day to day and smoke ventilation scheme?

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Topics: Natural ventilation, Smoke ventilation, Aerodynamic Performance

Key considerations for smoke shaft systems: 3. On the roof

Posted by Paul Compton on 24/06/14 11:30

In the third article in our series about designing smoke shaft systems, we look at the rooftop equipment.

Natural shafts

All you need is 2 or 3 roof ventilators

This bit can be short and sweet as all we need at roof level are 2 (or sometimes 3) roof ventilators – one at the head of the stair, one at the head of the shaft and, for residential buildings, sometimes one as an AOV to separately ventilate the top floor lobby to minimise the height above the roof of the top of the shaft.

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Topics: Smoke ventilation, Smoke shafts, Aerodynamic Performance, Smoke Shaft Series

Why adding attenuation should not be an afterthought

Posted by Graeme Clark on 03/10/12 08:51

Following on from our recent blog on attenuation, we have recently been working on a project that offers an excellent example of why attenuation should indeed not be an afterthought.

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Topics: Natural ventilation, Power Plants, Noise reduction, Aerodynamic Performance