Smoke inhalation is the most important cause of fire related mortality and morbidity

Posted by Tom Archer on 30/10/19 14:00

The number one cause of death related to fires is smoke inhalation; it is the most common cause of death at the scene of a fire. An estimated 50%-80% of fire deaths are the result of smoke inhalation injuries (rather than burns). Smoke inhalation alone (in the absence of burns) is responsible for around 40% of all fire related deaths in England. But mortality and morbidity of burn patients increases significantly when combined with smoke inhalation injury: Inhalation injury increases the risk of death from a burn injury by 30% to 40%.
Smoke inhalation injury is in fact a more complex clinical problem than burns alone, and can lead to multiple complications. Initially, a person’s airways are affected, but in a very short space of time (minutes) it can become a complex life-threatening condition, affecting every organ in the body.

There’s no fire without smoke

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The accountable person – why smoke control maintenance is vital

Posted by Tom Archer on 29/08/19 16:20

In the proposed changes to the building regulations discussed in our previous blog, there are two new roles connected with building safety. One is of the dutyholder, who takes responsibility for the design and construction of the systems that will make the building safe. The other is the accountable person, who is responsible for ensuring that systems are maintained properly.

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Smoke is different to fire. Why you need a specialist maintenance provider.

Posted by Tom Archer on 31/07/19 15:05

While many know that they need to keep their smoke control systems maintained, a lot of building owners or operators are not fully aware of the details of what this should entail.

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Looking after smoke control in car parks.

Posted by Tom Archer on 24/06/19 15:00

There are two only two types of car park – those that have already been built and those that are yet to be built, but there are many options for both smoke control and smoke clearance in these.

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What are the benefits of setting up a service contract with Colt?

Posted by Tom Archer on 14/06/19 15:00

Whether you are a property manager, facilities manager or building owner, there are strict regulations put in place with regards to smoke control maintenance to ensure that your buildings are safe.

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Government advice for owners of buildings with smoke control systems.

Posted by Conor Logan on 09/05/19 14:54

What are the responsibilities of the ‘responsible person’ when it comes to smoke control maintenance?  

The Government has produced an important piece of advice that is only three pages long and will tell you all the essentials you need to know. You can read it here

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Maintaining smoke control systems in residential tower blocks

Posted by Conor Logan on 27/03/19 08:48

Between 2017 and 2018, there were 801 residential high-rise fires attended to across the UK, with 73 fatalities and many more casualties recorded as a result of smoke inhalation and other injury.

Properly functioning smoke control systems are integral in helping to keep terrible figures such as the above mentioned at a much lower rate.

How do properly functioning smoke control systems help reduce the effects of a fire in a residential tower block?

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