Industrial fume extract solutions from Colt

Posted by Ginny Williamson on 31/08/21 10:00

Colt was recently commissioned to work on a project at a car parts manufacturing plant that required some creative thinking when it came to fume extract.

This particular facility had large galvanizing tanks used as part of the manufacturing process. The existing extract fans which were located directly above the tanks had been out of service for some time. Their location meant it was extremely difficult to access for maintenance, and repairs. Repairing the existing fans would require extensive scaffolding equipment to be set up and many days of production lost which was impractical and not cost effective.


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Posted by Ginny Williamson on 05/02/21 10:00

With more online ordering than ever and customers expecting goods to be delivered rather than picked up, warehouses and logistics centres have never been busier. From a health and safety perspective, this can cause problems when staff are sharing workplaces with vans, trucks and other fume-producing vehicles on a daily basis. Adequate ventilation in these centres is absolutely crucial.

The case study below demonstrates how Colt helped create a safe, healthy atmosphere for the staff at the DHL warehouse in Lincoln with a tailored fume detection and hybrid ventilation solution.


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The complementary duo: Enhancing AHU’s with a natural ventilation solution

Posted by Andrew Wright on 14/07/20 10:00

Sometimes, even a good HVAC system can be improved.

The effectiveness of a centralised air conditioning system is dependant on a number of factors and can change over time. Upon assessment, it may be the case that a system no longer operates optimally in its environment, and could be combined with another system to enhance its efficiency.

In this post, we illustrate this point, and explain how sometimes enhancing existing systems can be a great solution for industrial buildings.

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Colt’s Ventilation Solutions Resolves Factory’s Excess Heat build-up

Posted by Andrew Wright on 18/06/20 14:00

The key to delivering great ventilation services is to not only focus on the functionality and efficiency of the system but to also consider the challenges unique to each company.

Through working with Cross Manufacturing, we illustrated how we can tailor solutions to resolve ventilation issues whilst taking the wider community into consideration.

In this post, we share how we delivered a ventilation service to Cross Manufacturing’s factory that efficiently resolved their excess heat build-up problem, whilst honouring their duty of care to the local residents.

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Sources of inlet air for factory ventilation

Posted by Paul Langford on 13/09/19 10:00

Consider the sources of inlet air to ensure that the ventilation scheme in your factory will work effectively

Whether your factory is relatively airtight or not, you have to consider the fact that nature doesn’t like a vacuum. If you try to extract air from an enclosed space and no air comes in to replace what you are trying to extract, nothing will move. So it’s not enough to install a ventilation system; you also need a path for air inlet. This blog post demonstrates that this needs careful design.

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What is the best cooling solution for your business?

Posted by Paul Langford on 07/03/19 10:22

Evaporative cooling or ‘adiabatic cooling’ is a mouthful, we know. That’s why a lot of building owners and operators still don’t know about the effectiveness of these systems and the cost and environmental benefits they can deliver.

Many people don’t realise that if you manage a large industrial or semi-industrial facility where pinpoint control of temperature isn’t crucial, evaporative cooling can actually be a more effective choice than traditional air conditioning. Plus, have a look at the pros and cons associated with the different system types below – not only is evaporative cooling cheaper and more efficient, it introduces fresh air from outside avoiding poor health issues often associated with traditional systems.

Read on to find out what evaporative cooling is and why it could be better for your business than a traditional air conditioning system.

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How to reduce energy use in your factory this winter

Posted by Paul Langford on 15/11/16 13:30

With winter approaching, rising energy costs and environmental concerns put factory managers under constant pressure to optimise their facility’s energy performance. This doesn’t need to be a daunting task, so here are some ways to reduce energy costs this winter. 

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Feeling the heat? Upgrade your existing ventilation system!

Posted by Andrew Wright on 17/05/16 12:00

As a factory manager, you may find that in spite of keeping your mechanical ventilation system in perfect condition, the temperature in your plant is increasing. Over the years, the use of your building may have changed, as with the introduction of lean manufacturing practices, there may be a higher density of production machinery with consequent higher heat load in some areas of your facility. This means that the mechanical ventilation system as it was originally designed and installed no longer meets your requirements.

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Natural ventilation is the solution for most heat intensive industries

Posted by Graeme Clark on 03/09/13 09:50

In the vast majority of cases, natural ventilation is the most effective and economic solution for factories housing production processes generating high levels of heat: 

• Natural ventilation is best suited to buildings where a large amount of internal heat is generated, since this leads to a high temperature gradient.

• If the building is tall, then this provides even more ideal conditions for natural ventilation to work at its most efficient, since this creates a good stack effect that makes moving air between different levels within the building easier.

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How to improve factory productivity – identify the problems!

Posted by Paul Langford on 05/03/12 08:35

If you are a factory manager you are probably looking for ways to maximise productivity. Getting the right conditions within the working areas could be critical: the right temperature, humidity, air quality and lighting could be the answer to provide a comfortable work environment.

Is there more you could do to improve your factory’s productivity?

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