9 tips for smoke and fire curtain installations

Posted by Paul Compton on 02/08/16 12:00

FM1_fire_curtain_install.jpgInstalling fire curtains and smoke curtains can be tricky to get right. Here are 9 hopefully useful tips to help you.

1. Don't install curtains too early, in order to avoid damage from site work.

2. Ensure rollers are perfectly horizontal - otherwise curtain fabric will drift.

3. Avoid carrying out full commissioning before final power is switched on.

4. Measure the clear height under the curtain and the designed drop of the curtain prior to manufacture.

5. Ensure the space above the curtain is stopped with fire/temperature rated materials with an identical rating as the curtain itself. If ducts pass over the top, these should either have dampers to maintain fire resistance, or be fire rated.

6. Ensure the control system has dual supplies.

7. Check that the gaps between curtains are not excessive – the maximum gaps are specified in EN12101-1.

8. Use a curtain bottom bar that is suitable for the type of ceiling into which the curtain is installed. Gypsum type ceilings can be subtly uneven and these imperfections will show up with a straight bottom bar, therefore use a recessed or self-levelling bottom bar in this instance.

9. Likewise, floors can be uneven, so when using fire curtains to stop fire spread, make sure that the curtain can compensate for uneven floors.

Webinar - Design considerations when integrating smoke and fire curtains into a building

Join Paul Compton, Technical Director at Colt UK, from 12.30-13.30 BST on Thursday 8th September 2016, as he presents a CIBSE CPD webinar on the design considerations when integrating smoke and fire curtains into a building.

Whitepaper- Design considerations when integrating smoke and fire curtains into a building 

Download the whitepaper which explains the differences between smoke and fire curtains, the standards which they comply with, and how to install, test and maintain them.

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