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Posted by Paul Langford on 19/02/20 11:00

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If you live in East Anglia and eat in a restaurant with linen tablecloths, or if you stay in a hotel in the area, you may well be using cloths, bed linen or towels that have been laundered by Camplings Linen. Formed by a merger of two companies, it now operates under the brand Camplings in Great Yarmouth and as Swiss Laundry in Cambridge. Both locations had the same potential problem – laundry is a hot and steamy business and, while this is good for the linen, it is less good for the people who work with it.

In the new premises of the Swiss Laundry in Cambridge, the client registered temperatures inside of 22C when the outside temperature was only 4C. While this was a comfortable working temperature, there were evidently going to be problems in spring, summer and autumn without some help. This was made worse by the fact that the building  fabric would heat up as the year progressed. Colt supplied extract units for the old Swiss Laundry in Cambridge around 10 years ago, so the company knew Colt  could solve its problems and came back to it for a solution that could be applied in both Cambridge and Great Yarmouth.

Colt had to tackle not only the high temperatures but also the lack of air movement. Colt engineers calculated that each building would need six air changes per hour, with the inlet air being provided by the constantly open roller-shutter doors (not usually an option but pragmatic in this case). With both facilities being of much the same size, Colt calculated that each needed seven of its Tornado powered extract ventilators. These high-flow extract ventilators, made from aluminium, sit discreetly on the roof. They can be used with three different fan sizes, and have high-efficiency, low-noise variable-speed motors. Where appropriate, they can be painted in any RAL colours.

The laundries continue to provide an excellent service in East Anglia, confident now that their employees will not be getting hot under the collar.

Camplings Linen - Colt Smoke Control

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