How to design in energy-efficient ventilation systems webinar

Posted by Paul Compton on 09/09/14 11:30

--united.local-dfs-Usr-uk-ukevajon-My_Documents-My_Pictures-Energiepijlen_2-resized-600M&E consultants, facilities managers and building occupiers all want buildings that consume less and less energy and cost as little as possible to run. Set against this is the need to maintain a healthy internal environment which has adequate ventilation. How do we reconcile the opposite requirements of air tightness for energy efficiency and ventilation for air quality? How do we minimise installation and operational costs in our designs?

Join me, from 12.30-13.30 BST on Friday 19 September 2014, as I present a free webinar on how to design in energy-efficient ventilation systems in new and existing buildings. In our webinar we will discuss the design and equipment options to address this conundrum.

We will also demonstrate a software tool that can predict how much energy a building will consume and how much carbon it will produce when different types of ventilation, heating, cooling and shading equipment are installed.

There will be the chance to ask me questions at the end of the session and for those who register but can't make the seminar at the last minute, the session will be recorded and made available online.

Watch the webinar

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