Reduce your energy bills this summer with a hybrid ventilation system.

Posted by Paul Langford on 17/05/19 15:11

Ensuring high productivity and staff comfort and safety shouldn’t have to cost you the earth. Why then, is it always difficult to keep energy bills at acceptable levels when temperatures soar in the summer?Reduce your energy bills this summer

Most commonly, issues associated with energy-efficiency mean you’ve got the wrong type of air conditioning or ventilation systems installed for your building. It could also be that they are just simply out of date.

Since the 1940’s, Colt has been at the forefront of delivering climate control solutions that have efficiency at the heart of them. We continue to lead the way today with a wide range of natural (non-mechanical), mechanical (HVAC) ventilation and evaporative cooling systems that can be combined and tailored to suit any building’s requirements. By combining the benefits that natural and mechanical climate control systems offer in the right way, you will see a reduction in your energy bills immediately.

A well-thought out hybrid ventilation system will not only reduce your costs, but has other benefits as well. These include improved staff productivity, better air quality and reductions in noise levels. Plus, as the environment becomes more of a concern for businesses of all kinds, a hybrid ventilation system can also help your business stay responsible and in-tune with consumer demands by minimising your energy usage.

How do you know if your ventilation system is not running efficiently?

Aside from obvious factors, such as poor performance or rising energy bills, the best way to ascertain what’s really going on is to book a free building survey with Colt.

During your free survey, our experts will survey your entire building using a wide range of techniques and tools to ascertain which parts of your current system are working and which parts are not.

During the survey, our engineers will not only look at the performance and efficiency of your current systems, we’ll also get to grips with what your business and staff really need to be as productive as they can be. Whether it’s an issue with noise, annoying draughts, uncomfortable humidity levels, space issues or anything else, we’ll be able to provide a solution that improves on your current situation.

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