Staff comfort and productivity when temperatures rise. How to optimise conditions in your building so safety, comfort and quality are at 100%.

Posted by Paul Langford on 16/04/19 08:55

Staff comfort and productivityAre your climate control systems really still fit for purpose when it comes to enhancing comfort and production levels in the hot summer months?

Modern production output expectations increasingly demand tightly controlled environments to ensure machinery and product quality levels are kept at their highest. However, often the most important part of your production line can become neglected and forgotten about. We are of course, talking about your team – the hardworking people behind the machines that make it all possible.

You wouldn’t blame your machinery for failing or producing sub-standard product when it starts to overheat, gets rusty or simply becomes clogged because of polluted fuel or air quality. So why do this when staff face the same problems? Of the many challenges that face factory workers when they are trying to concentrate, some of the most common include overheating, poor air quality, stifling humidity or unreasonable noise levels. Any one of these issues can cause problematic and unsafe working conditions for even the most experienced workforce. Now consider that these issues often come in pairs or are worsened by seasonal changes - maintaining a consistent level of output becomes seemingly unsustainable.

Colt’s team of experts pioneered factory and warehouse climate control in the early 1930’s with the specific aim of improving employee well-being in these building types. Since then, our expertise and experience has been proven time and time again. Some of the world’s largest manufacturing and distribution companies trust our integrated solutions to improve their businesses’ reputations with both their staff and clients.

Two of the best ways to overcome uncomfortably hot conditions are displacement ventilation and hybrid ventilation systems.

Displacement ventilation works by introducing cool air into a building at low level, which causes all the hot air to move to ceiling level where it is extracted – this keeps the actual working environment at an optimal temperature. Other benefits of displacement ventilation systems include low operational noise levels, no annoying draughts and a highly energy efficient system that has longer spells of ‘free’ cooling than your average air conditioning unit.

A hybrid ventilation system is exactly what it sounds like – a combination of mechanical (HVAC) systems and natural ventilation systems. Hybrid ventilation systems can offer the benefits of both of the alternative approaches whilst avoiding some of the limitations or drawbacks. Therefore, these systems often offer much more flexibility in achieving optimal conditions, as you can use them interchangeably, together or integrate them with your existing air handling units to optimise their performance.

Colt offers custom design and system packages for your staff, building and business’ unique needs. As well as this, we also offer complete installation, commissioning and maintenance support.

If you think it’s time to upgrade your current air conditioning or ventilation systems, talk to us to book your free building survey or to find out more.

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